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When are the floods comming?

Floods affect Romania every year

In each year, floods are making significant damages in Romania!

However, floods are not a specific problem for Romania and they are the main material damage in all the world. At European level there is a plan in action to minimize effets caused by flooding. The measurements however, are implemented in long terms and they mainly focus on the major issues.

Flash floods

tabel-inundatii Flash floods - risk map

Flash floods happen within 6 hours after rain or after sudden water high water flows. This type of flooding has the bad habit of catching people unprepared. Usually there's no warning regarding these sudden and sometimes deadly torrents. If you live in an area predisposed to flash floods you need to plan ahead how to protect your property and your family.

As the terrain is transformed from fields and forests into roads and parking lots, the soil is loosing its permeability - the ability to absorb water is diminished. Urbanization increases water flow by 2 to 6 times comparing to the natural terrain. During urban flooding, the roads can easily become rapid rivers while the basements and the viaducts become mortal traps when they fill with water.

Many factors contribute to flooding. Two key factors are the intensity and the duration of the precipitation. The topography, the condition of the soil and the covering of the earth also play an important part.

Most of the flash floods are caused by slow storms which are traveling at a low speed rate or which are passing by the same areas several times, or by torrential rain brought by hurricanes and tropical storms. Floods on thy other hand can grow quick or rather slow and they usually span over many hours or days.

Snow melting

In the spring it can happen that, when the weather is warming up fast, the melting snow can cause flooding. In combination with ice blocks and precipitations, snow-melting can amplify the effect of the floods.

Floods are comming in

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