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Floods - risk zones

Flooding risk zones

inundatii-istorice Flood-able areas

Romania is frequently affected by floods.
Theoretically, all the major river beds are a flood risk zone.

Flooding natural causes

  • increased precipitation mainly because of torrential rains and storms
  • the absorption capacity of the land is overwhelmed
  • the water flows in the river beds giving birth to torrents
  • transport capacity of the minor river bed is overwhelmed
  • the water reverse in the major river bed flooding the area
  • high torrents are usually the cause of the major river bed flooding
  • sudden snow melt generates floods during spring

Anthropogenic causes which amplifies the flooding effects

  • deforestation
  • the way the houses are built
  • the lack of culverts and routing ditches in populated areas
  • lack of torrent and creek corrective constructions
  • inefficient design for exceptional cases

Floods are comming in

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