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Floods - methods of protection

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Protect yourself against flood effects

Most of the times, the simplest actions can make a big difference when facing floods.

Don't make your house in areas susceptible to floods!

Find out about the flood factor in your area by contacting the Bureau of Emergency Situation Management, the National Meteorology Bureau or the Department of Zoning and Planing

Find your propriety's elevation comparing to the rivers near by. It will help to understand how the flooding prognoses will affect you.

Make a plan to act in case of a flood

A family plan to act in case of an emergency greatly helps when the time comes.

Make an eviction plan. All your family members must know where to go in case they have to leave. A plan made in the last moment is usually confuse and rushed.

Discuss about floods with your family. Everybody must know what there is to do in case not all family members are not together. Discussing about dangers in the chance that they might happen helps to reduce worries and fears and everybody will know how to react.

Reaction information in case of flooding

  • Go higher. A fast moving water of even 10 cm can knock you of your feet. Many people are taken by water while they attempt to cross it and they get injured or find themselves dead.
  • Stay away from flooded areas. Even if it may seem safe waters can still rise.
  • Don't try to walk, swim drive or play in the flooded water. You usually can't see how fast is the water moving, nor if there are holes, debris or rubble through the water.
  • One meter water take cars away. Don't drive through water - go to higher ground.
  • Watch out for snakes - the water flush them out their lairs.
  • The edges of the rivers and streams get unstable after flooding or heavy rain.
  • Children should always stay away from water.
  • All food in contact with water must be thrown away as it can get you seriously ill. The water is usually highly contaminated.

How to protect your property?

  • Keep the insurances and other valuable documents or objects in a safe. You might need to have quick and easy access to them. Or you can keep them in place less probable to be deteriorated during flooding.
  • Don't build in a floodable zone unless you take precautions to put it higher or protect it from water damage.
  • Put the oven, boiler and electric panel on the top floor or in the attic if you are in flood risk zone. A functional boiler can turn out to be a good source of clean water during floods.
  • Install valves in the sewage and pipe system. As a last resort - put corks and pegs to your showers and bathtubs.
  • Seal the walls of your basement with water resistant compounds.

Floods are comming in

Are you ready?

Aqua-Stop teaches you how to be ready against floods!


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