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Floods - statistics

Flood statistics in Romania

Historical-floods as per Romanian Academy
Blue - no. of floods
Red - no. of victims

Floods are frequently affecting Romania [and many European countries alike]. Theoretically, all the major river beds are exposed to flood risk.

    The most important floods (with historical highs on certain river sections) were registered in:
  • 1969, estimated damages 55 mil EUR – The World Bank
  • 1970, estimated damages 256 mil EUR – The World Bank
  • 1975, estimated damages 101 mil EUR – The World Bank
  • 2005–2011, estimated damages 3 mld. EUR – Press

    Main causes of floods are:
  • the maximum debit of the torrents
  • the transport capacity of the minor water beds

Historical-floods as per Romanian Academy - excluding the Danube basin
Area | No. of floods | Years | Significant events | Total flooded zone (sq km) | River segment length

Floods are comming in

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