Aqua-Stop is conceived and made in Romania, recommended by the Development Ministry

What are Aqua-Stop bags made from?

What are the anti flood bags made from?

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They have the appearance of a usual bag but the interior comprises a layer with hundreds of crystals that absorb water increasing 500 times in volume in less than 5 minutes.

The exterior is specially designed to provide maximum permeability with respect to optimum strength in terms of flexibility.

Aqua-Stop bags absorb water quickly, are flexible and resistant.


The polymers with water absorption capacity, inside of the bags, increase their size up to 500 times by accumulation of fluid, thus increasing bag size and stopping the flood.

Bags massaging helps water disperse quicker. Thus, in only 3-5 minutes the bag polymers absorb enough water to position the bag in the desired position to make a dam.

The initial amount of 200 grams dry polymer is converted by water absorption into a 10 kg bag. With around 10 kg, the bag is ideal for handling and positioning. Thus activated, Aqua-Stop against flood bags may be placed to make a dam by using the alternative overlapping system [like placing bricks].

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Aqua-Stop teaches you how to be ready against floods!


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