Aqua-Stop is conceived and made in Romania, recommended by the Development Ministry


What do our clients say


I participated at a presentation in Teleorman County and I wish to congratulate you. It seemed extraordinary how a small bag that looked empty became big and resistant. I didn't know about this method.
Ana Popa, Alexandria

My grandparents live in Hidisel, Bihor. I bought Aqua-Stop bags thinking that they can use them quickly without any help in case of a problem; which actually happened back in 2013. Thank you.
Arpad Balogh, Oradea

A few weeks back a water pipe broke. I live in a studio... If I hadn't some Aqua-Stop bags handy, all the house would have flooded. This way the water was nicely absorbed until someone came to fix the pipe. Thanks!
Ion Albu, Bucuresti

Aqua-Stop bags do not compare with ordinary sand bags; they are light and easy to maneuver even by yourself. I participated at many flooding interventions. I hope this method will be implemented soon everywhere.
Daniel Dobre, Slatina

Floods are comming in

Are you ready?

Aqua-Stop teaches you how to be ready against floods!


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