Aqua-Stop is conceived and made in Romania, recommended by the Development Ministry

How to use the Aqua-Stop bags

How to use the Aqua-Stop bags

It is really easy to use the Aqua-Stop anti flood bags. All you need is a small dry place for longer storage and, when the time comes to use them... you need
WATER - and there's plenty of water in flood risk areas.

For activation of the bags you can also use a hose or any kind of containers (bucket, barrel, bathtub, etc).

  • 1 Deposit the Aqua-Stop anti-flood bags in a dry place until needed.

  • 2 Take the bags out of the protective layer.

  • 3 Insert the Aqua-Stop bag into water for 3 to 5 minutes until fully saturated.

  • 4 Place the activated bags in formation.
    See the sketch on the right.

Bag placement sketch

Floods are comming in

Are you ready?

Aqua-Stop teaches you how to be ready against floods!


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