Aqua-Stop is conceived and made in Romania, recommended by the Development Ministry

Comparison with traditional sandbags


Technology and Ecology

Sandbags are a waste of natural resources. They represent a method practiced since medieval age - an invention handy for the people of those times which did not had the advantages of the science and technology we have today.

Aqua-Stop bags are today's innovation for an ancient problem: how to hold against the dazing power of water?
Science people have developed the rudimentary concept with advanced technology and they replaced the sand with polymer crystals.
The Aqua-Stop bags are biodegradable and they don't waste Earth's resources.

Storage and Transport

The sandbags are too heavy, weighting between 10 to 50 kg.
The Aqua-Stop bags, when inactive (no contact with water) only weight 200 grams.
In order to transport sandbags at a medium size intervention a minimum of 10 trucks are used.
To transport Aqua-Stop bags for the same intervention against the flood you only need one van!
To deposit the sandbags for a possible intervention on a village you need an area of over 1000 square meters.
To deposit Aqua-Stop bags for the same type of intervention you only need a 12 square meters room!


To deploy sandbags we need time and human resources in good shape. The bags need to be unloaded and transported one-by-one with a whole team, which restricts the intervention to a single point for hours.

Mainly because of the ease to maneuver, the Aqua-Stop bags can be deployed in a few minutes by a very small team, even by 2 people per strategical point. This way you can quickly cover a bigger area of the flooded zone.


Aqua-Stop VS Sandbags

5000 saci Aqua-Stop
5000 sandbags
Weight: 1.000 kg
Weight: 100.000 kg
Deposit: 12 sm garage
Deposit: a 270 sm terrain or hall
Transport: 1 van
Transport: 5 trucks
Workers: 2
Workers: 10
Time to complete: 15 minute
Time to complete: 40 minute

Floods are comming in

Are you ready?

Aqua-Stop teaches you how to be ready against floods!


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